Masaka, Uganda Community Service Project

OneVillage committed to working with community organizations in Masaka, Uganda. Our work involves ongoing support and assistance with organizations supporting the economic independence of women as well as skill training and business development. We also work with orphans to encourage healthy growth and development. We work with a social enterprise farm which strives to create agricultural initiatives as well as community opportunities to foster economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Some of the organizations in Masaka in 2013 that were assisted were:

Anawesa Skills and Talents

  • assisted in the development of a budget and plan to purchase land that would allow Anawesa to become self sustainable as well as provide vocational training in agriculture;
  • provided support in the tailoring program.

MADIPA- (Masaka Disabled Persons Association)

  • assisted in launching a website to market products made by MADIPA members;
  • planned for a piggery program to provide funding;
  • assisted in vocational training in tailoring.

CRO-(Child Restoration Outreach)

  • taught teachers at CRO theories and techniques that would enhance teaching “street children”;
  • worked with mothers in poor areas of Masaka consulting on difficulties in parenting;
  • provided on-site support with children.

Kitovu Hospital

  • interviewing clients and assessing need for resources in the social work department

TASO (The Aids Support Organization)-

  • supported program needs;
  • prepared a report on the impact of substance use on the transmission of HIV; • initiated an evening group for men

Kakunyu School for the Learning Disabled

  • provided one to one support for children with cognitive and physical challenges;
  • explored the possibilities of repairing the damaged cement water tanks to provide water for the 80 childrenv39 of who live in residence.

STEP (Support for the Elderly)

  • provided individual support for isolated seniors

MRRH ( Masaka Referral Regional Hospital)

  • provided support for the schizophrenia fellowship

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