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Blue Cross Dog Rescue

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Deb Bailey

In the large city of Chennai, it can take a long time to get through city traffic and find the location of a distressed animal. A call had been received that a dog had fallen into a 40 foot well where it had remained trapped for two days. Blue Cross of India indicated that it receives 30-40 calls of these types of calls each day.

Once the well and the dog were located, Blue Cross rescuers went to work setting up their equipment: a large net, ropes, and a climbing harness. The net is lowered down the well. Then a volunteer equipped with a headlamp and gloves, is lowered down the well using a rope and climbing harness. As the volunteer descends into the well, he talks to the animal in an attempt to calm it down.  Then the animal is carefully netted. The rescued dog is then lifted to the top of the well.  If the dog is in a healthy condition, it is released.  An injured animal will be taken to Blue Cross for treatment.

Luckily in this case, the dog was not wounded in the fall but was very scared. A notch on ear of this animal denoted a previous involvement with Blue Cross.  This dog had been sterilized as part of Blue Cross program.  The relieved and very fortunate dog was then released.  The grateful owners of the property where the well was located donated 500r to Blue Cross for persistent efforts.

After this call, another request came in to come and capture and move a cobra.  The beautiful but venomous snake was in a residential area.  Carefully the snake was offered a black tube attached to a bag.  As this snake prefers dark place, the cobra willingly slithered into the tube, shaken into an attached bag that was then securely tied. Workers relocated the snake to a forested area, away from the city.

We spent three days at Blue Cross of India.  The standards of care differ from those in Canada and it took some getting used to.  Overall though, the animals at Blue Cross have a special sanctuary where they can live free from the much harsher conditions of roaming Chennai’s streets.