OneVillage Community Service Foundation

Mission Statement

Connecting, caring, learning while sharing;
working through global community service.

The Background of OneVillage Community Service Foundation

In July of 2013 a group of Adler University faculty and Vancouver students went to Masaka, Uganda on a 5 week Community Service Practicum. After this experience, OneVillage Community Service Foundation was formed in order to continue offering international community service opportunities for students. OneVillage is a registered Canadian non-profit society that strives to support local organizations in their efforts to become sustainable providers in their own communities. In addition, OneVillage assists with immediate needs of the organizations where possible. The directors of OneVillage are Ada Christopher, M.A. and Debra Bailey, M.A.

Community of Focus

OneVillage focuses on assisting marginalized women & girls, children needing support, and well as communities needing educational support. 

OneVillage seeks out local organizations that work in the area of education, vocational training, improving physical and mental health conditions.

OneVillage Approach to Community Service

OneVillage participants first seek to understand how the organization operates in the community. Then through respectful, collaborative dialogue, organizational needs are identified and actions decided upon. Skilled community service volunteers work alongside local leaders assisting in ways which have been identified through dialogue with local leaders.

Locations OneVillage currently has programs:

Chennai, India

Masaka, Uganda

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