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Danielle Holtjer
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I need your support!

I am a registered participant in the OneVillage Chennai Community Service Project, a unique opportunity to do my Master's of Counselling Psychology practicum abroad here in India. 

I am currently working at the Centre for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC) ( Here I’ve been working with women that have been severely burned with kerosene by their in-laws or husbands as a form of domestic violence for their disobedience, or by themselves as a means of escape from an abusive marriage. Reportedly 160 women get admitted to the hospital in Chennai per month for burns from domestic violence, and 60% of these burns are fatal.

There are three main components to PCVC here in Chennai. The first is a recovery center that does intakes in the burn unit at a local government hospital, home visits, and psychosocial education and counselling as well as psychotherapy for the women that have been burned. 

The second is a domestic violence crisis line that provides emergency phone counselling to those in need as well as couples and family counselling within the center. 

The third initiative is a newer program to promote violence prevention, education, and counselling for the children affected by this domestic violence. PCVC staff facilitate and plan after school programs for these children as well as organizing financial sponsership for their college education. 

I am planning and facilitating a counselling workshop to further train all the psychologists, counsellors, and social workers here working with the women, as well as doing project analyses on the organization's current and future intiatives to improve their work on both a counselling and organizational level. I will also be putting together grant and sponsorship packages to help with the future funding that the organization needs. 

My goal is to raise funds through pledges to support the cost of participating in the Chennai Community Service Project.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for your support. 



Danielle Holtjer
Goal : $2500
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