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Gabrielle Beer
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Dear Family & Friends,

I need your support!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to participant in the OneVillage Chennai Community Service Project, a unique opportunity to do volunteer community development work in Chennai, Southern India during July and August of this year.

A little about me- I have studied and worked as a photographer for the past 7 years, shooting mostly as a photojournalist during that time. I have been lucky and have travelled quite a bit for work, including a photographic internship in Hong Kong’s Disneyland and also at Geneva, Switzerland’s local newspaper, Le Tribunal de Genève. I was also a photographer for the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, which allowed me to shoot for RBC, Coca-Cola and VANOC during the 106-day event, travelling more that 45,000 kms across Canada and capturing some of the most remote locations our Country has to offer. Following the Olympics I photographed the Paralympic Torch Relay. I have learned so much from all of these experiences and appreciate everything about life in Canada, and how truly fortunate we are.

Four years ago I made the decision to explore my love for animals and started working in the veterinary industry- which I thought would allow me to stay more local to the lower mainland, my family and friends. So, I did exactly the opposite of that and moved to Kamloops for two years, where I completed a Veterinary Technician program. Now, I also work as a Registered Vet Tech at a great vet clinic in Maple Ridge. Animal nursing is an interesting field...I get to wear many hats on an average day: lab tech including collecting and running blood work and other diagnostic tests, monitoring anesthesia during surgeries, taking x-rays as well as working as a dental hygienist, post surgical caregiver and general animal snuggler (my personal favorite.)

I have always been intrigue by India, and am looking forward to being able to travel and explore a culture so very different from our own. I am even more excited that I am able to do this while offering community support and contributing to the Chennai community. During this trip I hope to help support OneVillage in their cause and capture imagery that can be used to reflect the great work that the agency provides in emotional support and crisis services to women and children in need. I will also be volunteering my time with a local animal shelter- with photography or vet tech duties, whatever helps the most!

My goal is to raise funds through pledges to support the cost of participating in the Chennai Community Service Project. I am very appreciative of all of the support I receive on this adventure, which I am sure will be life changing.


Gabrielle Beer
Goal : $2500
Achieved : $780.00


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