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Ada Christopher
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I need your support!

I am a co-founder of the Vancouver based OneVillage Community Services Foundation, and I am honoured to be coordinating a group of very enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to participate in our second annual Chennai Community Service Project!

This is a unique opportunity to do volunteer community development work in Chennai, India between July 26 to August 26, 2015.  Our philosphy is to partner with organizations to help them meet their mandates, through providing psycho educational support as well as helping to develop organizational and community infrastructure. 
We will be able to positively impact self-esteem of orphans and children from Chennai slums, help to empower marginalized women who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse, and we this year we will be working with two coastal villages to assist them in creating more stable and connected community cultures. We will also assist in animal rescue efforts in Chennai.

My goal is to raise funds through pledges to support the cost and coordination of participating in the Chennai Community Service Project.

Thank you!

Ada Christopher

Co-Founder OneVillage Community Services Foundation

Ada Christopher
Goal : $1500
Achieved : $270.00


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